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Press release: CEO Jessica Karlén signs to indie label Bark at Your Owner

”Comedian, musician, podcaster, author, playwright blogger, producer – circus clown, signs to indie label Bark At Your Owner (BAYO), as their first comedian signing!

Yechidah Jessica is a metamodern mystic performer working at the intersections of comedy and music. Jessica Karlén’s work is a profound synthesis of conceptual, philosophical and aesthetic understandings put into action!
From standup comedy shows to written poems and podcasts, her intellectual, witty and existential work, range in scale, media, and genre, traversing different methods and categories of performance.

BAYO MD states, “I first saw her perform at my son’s prom! She was hilarious and the kids loved her, even though she gave only the PG-13 performance. She can get really raucous when she is performing live in the night clubs she is more rate R! She had me laughing the entire time. I knew then and I told her we are going to do a record and a 1 hour special with you!”.

Her coming audio album is entitled “QUEEN AND SOBER” coming in 2023.

In tradition, with new signings at BAYO, Jessica gave BAYO’s MD a real pounding uppercut, letting him know she will be pulling no punches in coming shows, recording and during her special! She will be in the studio October 15 to record her debut comedy album to be released digitally and on vinyl.

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