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FunnySwedishGirl is a dynamic international production company based in Sweden that specializes in comedy, education, and communication. With a focus on creating meaningful dialogue between institutions and the public, FunnySwedishGirl is at the forefront of innovative and impactful artistic expression.

Under the leadership of CEO Yechidah Jessica Eva Elvira Karlén, FunnySwedishGirl leverages her unique background as a performer and comedian to create work that is both intellectually engaging and deeply entertaining. With a profound synthesis of conceptual, philosophical, and aesthetic understandings, Jessicas work ranges in scale, media, and genre, showcasing her versatility as a creative force.

From standup comedy shows to workshops and podcasts, everything characterized by witty and existential perspectives, making it a sought-after voice in the world of performance art. Whether the production is exploring complex ideas through writing, workshops or entertaining audiences with comedic talents, Jessicas passion for artistic expression and education always shines through. With FunnySwedishGirl, Jessica and her team are committed to advancing the art of performance and creating impactful, memorable experiences for audiences everywhere.